Tarrec fully takes care of compliant transport and treatment of your AWCCT

Collection or Delivery
TARREC can provide you with competitive costs to collect and recover AWCCT. Alternatively, you can arrange for your own transportation to deliver the material to our fully permitted storage location. We can advise on compliant transport on request.

Consignment Notes
TARREC transports AWCCT using a legally required Consignment Note. TARREC covers the Consignment Note cost.

Storage Facility
TARREC’s storage facility of 10000 tons, is at Albert Dock, Hull, Environmental Permit number EPR/AB3808CF.

TARREC ships 4000 tonnes of material per vessel.
AWCCT export requires a TFS issued by the EA, which ensures that each load is legally compliant.

TARREC ensures correct loading of vessels and the compliant delivery to dockside in Holland, completed in order to ensure legal compliance in both Holland and the UK.