TaRReC the 100% sustainable solution to your AWCCT problem

The treatment facility Rotterdam is located on a 100 acre site which has its own unloading wharf. AWCCT is removed by dockside equipment and taken to stockpile to await thermal processing.

100% recycling
AWCCT consists of sand, gravel and tar. By thermal treatment at high temperature, the tar is removed and the contaminated gases released are cleaned. What remains is energy, clean sand, gravel and filler. All of this is 100% reused.

AWCCT is fed into incineration drums that heats the materials to a temperature of 850 °C.
Flue gasses are reheated for at least 2 seconds at 850 °C in the afterburner incinerating remaining contaminants.

Sand and gravel cooled in a rotating cooling drum using air. The hot air is re-used as burner air in the incineration optimising energy efficiency.

A steam boiler, producing steam from the hot gases drives a turbine and a generator producing over 6 MW electric power for own use and feeding to the grit.

Eco granulates, ECO sand & Eco filler
All minerals of the AWCCT are recovered as certified valuable Eco-granulates used in concrete and asphalt production.

Gas cleaning
Flue gases including non-incinerated residues, dust, NOx and SOx are fed to the flue gas cleaning system meeting the highest EU and Dutch standards on gas emissions.

Dust is removed in a two stage dust filters using active carbon producing a fully recoverable binder.

A catalytic De-NOx converter converts nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and oxygen.

A gas washer washing flue gases in water with lime converts the SOx into gypsum or high-quality applications in various building products.